EVENTS - Mardi Gras is about to kick off and Eastside has already started to sparkle.

Being around Eastside it’s hard not to notice Mardi Gras building up around us. From rainbow pedestrian crossings to sparkling ATMS. Each year our neighbourhoods explode with love for our LGBTIQ+ family and weekends are punctuated with wild drinks parties, colourful creative activities and the song and dance of our unique diverse community.

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 10.59.39 am.png

Each year Eastside is set alight by our LGBTIQ+ community, our shop fronts explode with colour, the streets double in foot traffic and the official parade closes down most of Sydney. If you are looking for what Sydney city looks and sounds like when everyone comes together in the name of love and acceptance then Mardi Gras is where you need to be.

The official program is live and free for everyone to take a look at, featuring activations and events all over the city, there is something for family, friends, visitors and locals. Get a copy here and start mapping out your Mardi Gras for 2019.