ART & DESIGN - Contemporary on Crown opens its doors for their first exhibitions

There’s a new gallery in town and they have opened their latest exhibit with Rex Turnbull. Contemporary on Crown is the latest modern art space in Eastside and is already making waves across the art community.


New Zealand born painter Rex Turnbull is best known for his strong narrative based work and distinct combinations or portrait and landscape, exploring the relationships between people and their environment. Using soft colours and suggestive style his work is seemingly clear and yet open to varied interpretations. This latest exhibit is something to truly look forward to.

In addition to Rex the gallery is also home to experimental photographer Tim Laffey whose work, in his words ”is both impressionist and spiritual in nature, and [I] am seeking to transcend the image as a photo into something broader – an exploration of light and atmosphere. Not just a mere topographical representation, but to embrace the joy and beauty of light. For me, it is to think without words.”

If you are on the pulse of contemporary art then this is a venue which you will want to know about. Keep an eye on their Facebook page or the website linked above for all their updates and events.