EAT & DRINK - Brix Distillers are tipping their hats to Australia's original rum rebellion

Two hundred years ago Australian men were paid not in money but in rum. In Surry Hills there is a bar paying homage to the wild old days in the form of Brix Distillers. An authentic rum distillery and bar, mixing the art of rum creation with a delicious and perfectly curated local produce menu.


Delivering the whole package, food, booze, tours and education, Brix opens its doors to everyone who wants to learn the secrets of rum distilling. Working with their expert distillers to create your very own barrel of rum makes you a bona fide Sydney-sider!.

They’re also open for events, functions and tours but if you are just wanting to check it out for the first time then get down to Bourke Street for a Latin inspired tasting plate and the freshest selection of rum around.