STYLE - Eastside's Historic Department Stores

Sydney is a first class city, with some of the most iconic buildings in the world and home to true trailblazers in fashion, design, music and business. There is a history of style and innovation written on the walls of our historic city.

In times gone by families would make the long trip by train or coach into the CBD for a special occasion… visiting the department store. Before there was a Target, H&M and Sephora on every corner, Sydney’s department stores were a haven for beautiful designs, luxurious tea and cocktails; level upon level of sumptuous and unique styles from around the world. Forget fast-fashion it was the Mark Foys fur section and the Gowing’s cocktail lounge that made Sydney a true destination.

Here are some images of the good old days of Sydney’s most stylish department stores including David Jones and Grace Bros.