Kings Cross is at the heart of a vibrant, high density inner city Sydney precinct, including the suburbs of Potts Point, Woolloomooloo, Elizabeth Bay and Rushcutters Bay.

Kings Cross is not actually a suburb, but has been historically known as Sydney's red light district and its bohemian centre. It's had a colourful history: always evolving and always interesting. Find some great historical photos here.

Now it's diverse, interesting, modern and surprising: where you turn a corner and discover amazing architecture, leafy wide streets, glimpses of harbour views and world class dining, shopping and culture.  


The borough of Potts Point has an upmarket village feel: with designer shopping, artisanal delicatessens and top notch restaurants and bars: one of Australia’s most exciting food and wine destinations. Once a bohemian enclave filled with scruffy artists, writers and hookers, these days Potts Point is more posh than penury, but the Grand Dame of inner Sydney suburbia has retained her cosmopolitan charms. 


Stunning harbourside suburbs where you can find beautiful art-deco architecture, picturesque parks or admire the moored boats. 


Rough charm meets aspirational luxury in Woolloomooloo, one of Sydney’s most rapidly evolving suburbs. Bordered by the Garden Island Naval Base, Sydney’s Botanic Gardens and the spectacular Andrew Boy Charlton outdoor swimming pool, Woolloomooloo’s extensive council housing and hostel network is flanked by the Finger Wharf, one of the most expensive waterfront residential developments in Australia. The interplay between its salty dockland history and its recent gentrification is a dynamic and defining character of the horseshoe shaped valley, which dates back to colonial times. Today fine dining and fifty foot yachts mix with historical cottages and a much-loved pie cart (Harry's) in the suburb that also includes one of Sydney’s most interesting theatres, The Old Fitz, contemporary art gallery Artspace and the Matthew Talbot Hostel, the largest hostel for homeless men in the Southern Hemisphere.